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The New H-E-B: Here, Everything’s Sustainable

July 31, 2013

If you’ve driven past the new H-E-B that opened last week at Mueller, you’ve probably noticed it’s not your average grocery store. With grand architecture capped by a sweeping, sloping roofline reminiscent of an airplane wing and a total of 83,000 square feet, this H-E-B at the corner of 51st Street and Berkman Drive is not only impressive to look at, but is also a sustainable test project for H-E-B that makes it the greenest store the Texas chain has ever designed, built and operated.

Like most other commercial buildings at Mueller, this H-E-B will earn U.S.G.B.C LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Certification, perhaps at the platinum level. A variety of innovative features contribute to making the Mueller H-E-B an extremely energy-efficient building:

  • French-style doors on all chilled products throughout the store (we’re talking meats, cheeses, dairy, freshly cut produce, beer and more) improves energy efficiency by up to 60 percent; in fact, the chilled cases will use 95 percent less refrigerant.
  • H-E-B is reducing potable water use by 65 percent utilizing reclaimed water and A/C condensation to chill the ambient temperature of the store and those chilling cases, plus toilets and landscaping. Lower-flow potable produce sprayers and prep sinks also help reduce water consumption.
  • Computer-automated, energy-efficient LED lights both indoors and outdoors drastically reduce energy consumption.
  • The iconic sloping roof is made from a ceramic coating that was used on the space shuttle to absorb our hot Texas sun.
  • The “Texas-sized” vestibule at the front of the store traps outside air before it enters the store itself, allowing cooling and heating systems to work less.
  • 600 rooftop solar panels will produce 200,000 kWh/year, providing enough power to light the entire store and chill all the glass cases.
  • Quality, excess food from the store will be donated to the Capital Area Food Bank.
  • Public recycling stations are available for newspaper sleeves, dry cleaning bags, plastic bottles, aluminum cans and paper. H-E-B employees will also recycle everything from cardboard boxes to plastic stretch film, while meat trimmings and produce that is not suitable for the food bank will be composted.
  • 60 bicycle spaces and two electric vehicle charging stations will encourage shoppers all around the store to commute more sustainably.
  • Additional sustainable features include the use of greener cleaning products, a true north/south orientation to capture as much natural light as possible and native landscaping sourced from less than 100 miles away.

In total, the Mueller H-E-B will reduce carbon dioxide emissions a whopping 85 percent annually — that’s the equivalent of 103,000 trees planted or 875 cars removed from roadways each year!

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