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Mueller Parking Study and Recommendations

May 16, 2014

Development at Mueller continues to pick up pace as elements of the Aldrich Street town center take shape with the opening of The Thinkery children’s museum and the district parking garage. The Market District, anchored by the new H-E-B, is complete and the Austin ISD Performing Arts Center is well underway. Mueller will soon have numerous vibrant and unique neighborhoods that offer a mix of large and small businesses, walkable and bikeable streets and active street fronts.

To maintain the desired character of many of these streets, much of the parking for Mueller businesses will be on-street or in district or shared parking lots and structures, rather than in off-street parking fields in front of each building. This will promote a vital and walkable community while still meeting the parking needs of residents and businesses.

When parking isn’t well managed, a development ends up needing more parking spaces, and as people drive around searching for convenient parking, they add to traffic congestion and air pollution, and detract from a vibrant street life. When parking is well managed, fewer parking spaces are needed to meet demand, and by timing or pricing the most convenient parking, those prime spaces will be available throughout the day.

With the continuing growth of Mueller, parking supply, behavior and management are all important considerations in planning. Catellus initiated a parking study by the nationally recognized parking and transportation firm, Nelson/Nygaard Consulting Associates, to analyze current parking supply and parking interactions to forecast parking supply and management needs.  Starting in 2013, they utilized Mueller stakeholder input including focus groups, workshops and surveys, national models of best practices, management tools and successful parking management programs implemented in other places to create a set of high level recommendations for a parking and transportation management strategy. An overview of Nelson/Nygaard’s study and recommendations are shared here in the presentation given to the RMMAPIAC (Mueller Commission), on March 11, 2014.


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