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AARP Shares Snippets of Life in the Diamond Building

March 29, 2018

As Aldrich Street continues, there are new employers moving in. AARP recently relocated their Texas operations to the Diamond Building. Bob Jackson, State Director of AARP Texas, and Rafael Ayuso, Manager of Communications for AARP Texas, let us stop by their offices so we could provide a behind-the-scenes look at life above the active paseo.

Jackson and Ayuso noted the 15+ employees working here have access to striking views and natural light, but it’s the surrounding vibe of the Aldrich Street district and the access to good food that creates a special place to work. “As a grandparent myself, hearing the joy and laughter of families playing is inspiring,” Jackson mentioned, and with a laugh, he notes, “and I’ve also been caught off guard by the amount of fried chicken I’ve eaten at J.T. Youngblood’s since I’ve been here.”

Ayuso also enjoys how the amphitheater music provides a nice ambiance in the evenings, and shared one of his goals to enjoy what’s around him as he spends more time in the space. “I envision spending a Saturday here with my wife, beginning with a long run in the park. We could clean up at my office, go eat brunch at Colleen’s Kitchen, and finish the day with a movie at Alamo Drafthouse,” explains Ayuso, explaining that he appreciates being able to do so much right around the office.

Before moving to Mueller, AARP’s office was located in the downtown area and subject to every Austinite’s favorite subject: traffic. “We really were reminded of how delighted we were with the location during SXSW. It was so nice to have some separation from the congestion that occurs during that time of year,” Jackson recalled.

As for as how the move has improved workplace productivity, it seems the connectivity has translated in more ways than one. Jackson explained, “Our office layout is circular, which gives our team more accessibility to each other.” Features like a larger conference room and video conferencing capabilities have also simplified the process of staying connected with the company’s statewide satellite employees and volunteers, as they stay connected to all Mueller has to offer.

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