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2007 → 2017: Mueller’s Street Names Honor

August 31, 2017

Ten years ago, on another hot Austin August day, the families and friends of some of the city’s “famous firsts” gathered at Mueller Central to celebrate their loved ones’ legacy to the community and receive a replica street sign that would bear the local hero’s name in the Mueller community.

At the “Celebrating Austin Leaders & Legends” event held August 8, 2007, Catellus and the City of Austin welcomed more than 100 family members, friends and fans of the 50+ individuals who Mueller’s streets have been named after.

“It was incredibly moving to learn about the stories behind the names and to see families accept the street sign honoring their relative,” said Dee Desjardin, who leads marketing and communications for Mueller. “I hadn’t officially started work at Catellus yet, but attended the ceremony. There was such a sense of community bringing the past and the future together this way. It was the first time I’d seen the great pride people who live and work in and around the neighborhood take in what Mueller is becoming.”

Like the community itself — named after Robert Mueller, the former city commissioner and namesake of the Robert Mueller Municipal Airport which once occupied the 700-acre site — the streets are named for individuals who made significant contributions to the city and its culture. Mueller’s street namesakes include teachers, business leaders, local musicians, sports stars and public servants who were identified with the help of the Austin History Center.

At the event, Austin History Center volunteer Danny Camacho, himself the son of street namesake Lorraine Fuentes Castro Camacho, said, “While the leaders and legends honored here today still live in our thoughts, they will now forever be brought together in the streets of Mueller. I hope in the future Mueller residents will bring to the Austin History Center their stories and photos of family, neighbors and friends and become part of Austin’s ever-growing history, in this the city that we all love.”

You can view images from the event on Mueller’s Instagram page and you can view the brief backgrounds of each Mueller street namesake here.

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