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2007 → 2017: First Residents Reflect on 10 years at Mueller

November 29, 2017

Before the old airport had even closed, Maureen and Jonathan Slocum were intrigued by the concept of Mueller. It was all-too-appropriate that they would become the first residents of the new development in 2007.

In the early 1990s, talk about closing the Robert Mueller Municipal Airport was taking off, and as plans were finalized, the conversation became more public. That’s when Maureen and Jonathan became involved, thinking it would be a good place to live if it became a residential development. They started joining public meetings, which soon became meetings with residential builders.

“During the residential meetings, people wanted to know details, which weren’t available right away, but there was a lot of interest – that’s why they had the lottery,” noted Maureen. As planning continued and as they looked ahead to their future, even before there was a model home to visit, the couple was excited by the prospect of a well-planned, walkable community with all of the stores close by.

When Mueller initiated the Pioneer Program, a lottery to organize more than 1,000 interested entrants to meet with homebuilders, the Slocum’s were drawn among the first phase of buyers. Due to weather-related circumstances, it just happened they moved in first (they were supposed to be second).

“We moved in just after Thanksgiving and it was a cold, wet Thanksgiving that year,” they reminisced. “Around Christmas we had family here and were watching a football game, waving to the workmen outside,” noted Jonathan. A couple of times people walked into their home just to see what Mueller’s houses looked like - not expecting they had already moved in, so they quickly learned to leave their doors locked.

Today, Maureen and Jonathan are pleasantly surprised at how wonderfully the development has evolved. Among their favorites, Aldrich Street “was worth the wait.” They say they love the beautiful architecture, and Alamo Drafthouse, Halcyon and B.D. Riley's have all become regular spots for them. “We saw it all come together and it’s so nice to be able to eat at all of the local restaurants, all within walking distance,” said Maureen.

For the Slocums, 10 years has gone by quickly, but the decade has been memorable one as they enjoy all that Mueller has to offer.

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